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  • EMS Delivery is now available at more than 100 countries/areas with 26-28% lower price than original.
  • You can track your EMS shipment at My Gmarket > Shopping list

Countries/Areas Available


Estimated Shipping Fee

  • Please select the destination/the estimated weight(for Hong Kong and Macau, please choose the name of area in the list).
  • If your destination is not in the list(i.g. Saipan and Guam), EMS delivery is not available to the country/area.
  • The list of available fee and countries/areas can be adjusted without the prior notice by EMS. For more details, please contact EMS in your country. (local EMS)
Estimated Shipping Fee

SF Express

  • If your destination is China(mainland), HongKong, Macau, Taiwan or Singapore, SF Express can be another option for your delivery under the following conditions.
    • - Not contains prohibited item by SF Express.
    • - China(mainland): Less than six (6) total quantity of items, and Less than ₩30,000(delivery fee excluded) of purchases available.
      However, maximum purchase amount is ₩15,000 for products in Cosmetics and Body/Hair categories.
      After the payment, uploading an image of personal ID card is necessary to go through China customs and to ship safely
    • - Taiwan: For over ₩100,000(delivery fee excluded) of purchases, Uploading a ID card number to Gmarket could help to facilitate Taiwan customs and shorten delivery time.
  • You can also track your SF Express shipment at My Gmarket > Shopping list
  • Uploading an image of your ID is available in the following pages.
    • - My Gmarket > Shopping List > Order Details
    • - My Gmarket > Personal Info. > Order/Payment Setting page

Countries/Areas Available

  • China(mainland), HongKong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

Estimated Shipping Fee

  • Please select the destination/the estimated weight.
  • The list of available fee and countries/areas can be adjusted without the prior notice by SF Express.
Estimated Shipping Fee

CJ Logistics

  • Through CJ Logistics, the largest delivery service company in Korea, international shipping is available to United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Taiwan. Please check the terms below.
    • - Does not contain prohibited items by CJ Logistics.
    • - United States : Can purchase up to 800 USD.
    • - Japan : Cosmetics can be purchased up to 24 items, and the importer must be under an individual's name. Duties may be applied to some clothing items.
    • - Taiwan : When ordering the same products, it must be less than 12 items, and can be ordered up to 1,000 USD.
  • You can track your CJ Logistics shipment status at My Gmarket > Shopping list

Countries/Areas Available

  • Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan : Up to 20kg
  • United States, Japan, Malaysia, Australia : Up to 30kg

Estimated Shipping Fee

  • Please select the destination and estimated weight.
  • The list of applicable fees and countries/areas can be adjusted without prior notice from CJ Logistics.
Estimated Shipping Fee

Important Notice for Gmarket International Shipping Service

  • International shipping availability can be different from each seller and brand which stated in the product page. If the seller dose not offer international shipping, please check other sellers who provide the same item.
  • The buyer(recipient) shall bear all other costs such as duties, taxes and any other charges related clearing customs which might be levied in your country. For more information about customs regulation please contact customs in your country.
  • Delivery restrictions(package size and length, etc) can be varied depending on countries/areas.
    Please refer to delivery company or website before you make purchase.
    (EMS: //www.ems.post/operators, SF Express: //www.sf-express.com, CJ Logistics: https://www.cjlogistics.com/en/main)

Overall process of Gmarket International Shipping (click here to find more info)

  1. Pay with estimated
    Int’l shipping cost
  2. Deliver the items
    (seller > warehouse)
    Domestic Delivery Completed
  3. Pack and Weigh
    the parcel
    Require additional payment
    (only if, Estimate < Actual)
  4. Dispatch the parcel internationally
  5. Clear customs & Initiate Local delivery
    Destination area