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Product Description


1) • DERMAROLL is a 5 piece microneedle derma roller kit -- designed by healthcare professionals -- containing 3 roller heads, 1 derma roller handle, 1 storage case.

• COMPETITION is a 2 piece kit containing only 1 derma roller and a storage case.


2) • DERMAROLL contains 3 replacement heads (600 titanium 0.25mm needles) in each kit allowing you to replace used dirty, or damaged needles with new sanitized needles. The convenient replacement heads ensure you are practicing safe derma rolling by using new roller heads regularly, and not subjecting yourself to contamination from poor sterilization and/or injury from dull or bent micro needles.

• COMPETITION contains only 1 derma roller with non-replaceable fixed head, similar to a disposable razor, however microneedling is more invasive than razors. You must buy a brand new derma roller each time your roller needs replacing to ensure proper hygiene and safety.

**NOTE: To ensure the highest standard of safety, professional microneedling (using longer needles) by a healthcare professional requires needles to be disposed after each use. Based on the needle length, we recommend that 0.25mm roller heads should be replaced after 3-5 uses.


3) • DERMAROLL offers a replacement roller head kit called DERMAROLL REFILLS (containing 4 heads, 600 titanium 0.25mm needles). Instead of having to buy another DERMAROLL kit, you save money by purchasing the replacement head kit at a fraction of the cost. Save money with DERMAROLL REFILLS instead of buying 4 new fixed head derma rollers at full cost. This is easily the best value in derma rolling today.

• COMPETITION forces you buy a brand new derma roller kit each time you need to replace a derma roller. If you are practicing safe and sanitary derma rolling techniques and replacing your derma roller head after 3-5 uses, the competition will cost you more money.


4) • DERMAROLL uses titanium needles which are 3-4 times stronger than stainless steel and will last longer and will stay sharper than stainless steel needles, preventing injury to your skin.

• COMPETITION uses stainless steel needles that will dull easier, leading to increased injury to skin.


5) • DERMAROLL has 600 titanium 0.25mm micro needles on every roller head, ensuring maximum coverage on every roll.

• COMPETITION has only 540 needles, which is 11% lesser needles, with lesser coverage on each roll.


6) • DERMAROLL is dedicated to the safety of our customers, and our company is based entirely in the USA.

• COMPETITION is usually a Chinese or foreign based company.

Replaceable Heads No, but kit includes Vitamin C Serum
Number of Needles 600 needles 600 needles 540 needles
0.25mm Microneedles
Titanium Needles
Storage Case
Available Refills
Weight 1.08 ounces 1.08 ounces 0.77 ounces
Height 5.83 inches 5.83 inches 5.25 inches
Width 1.22 inches 1.22 inches 1.06 inches

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